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The Tap Out

Making people tap since 9/9/03

Jason Yavor
24 July
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If you need to know more about me than you can find out reading my LJ....IM me and ask it. Thejyav is my IM name there ya go...just ask.
12 monkeys, 411mania.com, aerosmith, alan moore, american beauty, aqua teen hunger force, batista, batman, beastie boys, beatles, beck, ben stiller, bendis, bon jovi, booker t, brock lesnar, bush, c.m. punk, cameron crowe, chasing amy, chris benoit, chris hero, christopher walken, chud, citizen kane, clerks, coffee, comics, computers, conan o'brien, dave matthews band, david fincher, dc talk, def leppard, desperado, deviant art, dogma, donnie darko, dvds, ecw, edward norton, et, exiles, family guy, fight club, film making, finch, foo fighters, futurama, garden state, gary oldman, geoff johns, god, goonies, guy pearce, hardy boys, homestarrunner, hulk, hulk hogan, indianapolis, indy wrestling, iupui, iwa, jackie chan, jars of clay, jay and silent bob, jc bailey, jennifer connely, john cena, john cusack, kevin smith, kill bill, killing hhh, kiss, kurt angle, l.a. confidential, led zepplin, linkin park, lita, lord of the rings, love, magnolia, mallrats, matt hardy, me, misawa, moby, movies, music, new media, new pal, new palestine high school, newsboys, nfl, nickleback, nicole, nine inch nails, office space, photoshop, pink floyd, powers, ps2, queen, raw, rem, remy zero, republican, reviewing, rey mysterio, royal rumble, royal tenenbaums, rushmore, scott keith, se7en, sean connory, smackdown, spiderman, spike jonze, star flyer 59, star wars, starbucks, stone cold steve austin, summer slam, superman, tears for fears, the fifth element, the rock, the simpsons, the state, tna, toby mac, trainspotting, transformers, u2, usual suspects, van halen, watchmen, web design, weezer, white stripes, women, wrestling, writing, x-men, xmen, y, y2j