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Thu, Dec. 7th, 2006, 11:38 pm
Yea...I know

I haven't kept up on it..screw it.  So Today sucked as much as suck can suck..First day of finals and more importantly my first night of finals. 

So stuff went on and there were some problems but it wasn’t till it was…JUST ME.  Well and Nikos but this was his first time too.  This went time till the end of finals when it hit the fan.  I dealt with…I think 11 problems that all came to me with in a 15 minute period..an hour later I was done.  It just sucked.


Beyond that I have been downloading a lot of wrestling.  Last weekend was fun till Nicole and I got sick.  We had fun at David and Susan’s for Card playing and tacos.  Cards was fun..Tacos hurt me for the next 10 hours.


Wed.  I worked a half day since I work Saturday and it was nice to spend more of the day with Nicole.


At the moment I don’t wish to think back on more of what happened the past couple of weeks.


Movies…Watched East of Eden last night.  It’s a good movie for what it is howevYavor.er its pretty dated and production wise is pretty bad.  Audio wise the dubbing is pretty bad.  This was my first James Dean movie.  It’s hard to say if I like him or not because he was playing a pretty weird character so I need to see him in something else to decide.  I’ll give the movie a 6/10  for the time.


I’m going to be reviewing the top 100 matches according to Pro wrestling torrents.  You can check my reviews out over at yavor