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Tue, Sep. 30th, 2008, 07:21 pm
More Movie Catchup Reviews

5/09/07 A Simple Plan: A good and solid film from Rami as he tries to go Hitchcock. He does a good job but it’s not the kind of movie I would revisit over and over. Billy Bob was still in his really good phase at this point.

5/17/07 The Hudsucker Proxy:   I have to admit I was not as in love with this one as I thought I might be. It’s a good movie to be sure and it has Paul Newman so that makes it worth watching if nothing else. Perhaps I was hoping for more Bruce Cambell. I think I prefer my Coehn’s a little darker than this. 

5/17/07 Waiting: Fuck Ryan Reynolds with his hunky good looks, strong comedic talent and his putting the stones to Scarlett Johansson on a nightly basis. Now that I got that out of my system, this is a very funny movie. I remember it not being as good as Van Wilder but it still makes for a fun evenings watch. Hi I’m a Mac is a good buddy for him to play off of while the effects sucking effects of Dane Cook are kept to a minimum. If you have ever worked in the restaurant business this movie will surely speak to you. 

5/22/07 Mr. Smith goes to Washington: Do I need to say anything about this it’s Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Stewart is always good but especially so here. There is all kinds of Capra goodness here and while the Mel Gibson/Homer Simpson version was awesome this is wonderful filmmaking about an everyman standing up to the machine. This is what Obama has been trying to convince everyone he is for the past two years. 

5/23/07 The Talented Mr. Ripley: To me this a good film with better performances. Something just does not fully come together for me. This might be another example of a movie I had heard about for so long not leaving up to expectations. Having said all this I need to make it clear that it is a good movie and one I would recommend you watch if you have not seen it before. To conclude Matt Damon is fucking creepy.

5/30/07 The Girl Next Door: I did not know what to expect going into this movie Roger Ebert gave it a very harsh review making it out to be a very mean spirited and terrible movie. I think he was way off as Elisha Cuthbert’s character is not as mean as he makes her out to be. She is a messed up girl but you would be too if you were a teenage porn star. The movie is funny Cuthbert is hot and really in the end it has a decent heart to it. Oh and Timothy Olphant is awesome as always. 

6/28/07: The Terminal: Not everything Speilberg has done in the past decade has been great but I like that he seems to be making films for himself or working against type when he is not. This movie is a sweet comedy that feels timeless like it could have been made in the fifties. It’s not the greatest movie ever made but Steven working with Hanks is simply fun to watch. 

7/09/07 Easy Rider: I guess because I’m not from the era and don’t give a shit about motorcycles that this movie did nothing for me except in the end I enjoyed seeing a couple hippies die. I’d advice only watching if your tripping.

7/11/07 Hero: Hero is a gorgeous movie to look at though the story tries too hard at being epic and thus fails. Still if you like Jet and these kinds of movies then it is one not to miss. The story is strong enough, the action is packed, the visuals are stunning and overall it’s well done.

7/12/07 The Gift: The gift is simple. It’s a b-level film that is turned into an A level thriller in the hands of a masterful hands of Sam Rami. It also has Katy Holmes boobs in it before she married nutso. 

7/12/07 Godzilla Final Wars: Oh how I embraced this movie and everything about it. Godzilla takes on everyone he ever has, including the US Godzilla, and that’s not all the action this movie provides. This movie gives us martial arts sword fights, space battles and just about every kind of action possible. Did I mention it has UFC fighter Don Frye doing a horrible job acting but being all the more badass for it? This is not a good movie but it’s a great movie!

7/17/07 Secretary:

7/23/07 Raging Bull: the first time I saw this I was underwhelmed and did not get the hype. As I watched more Scorsese films I felt it was worth giving another try. I’m so glad that I did. Perhaps I was expecting another Rocky but this is not a film to miss. If not his best it certainly is up there as a beautifully crafted tale about a man with great talent but an even greater flaw. Instead of the oftened used “talented athlete, writer, professional…whatever who throws it all away over substance abuse” this is the story of a man with the money the woman and everything he could want who throws it all away over jealousy, sexual insecurity and rage. This is simply one of the best movies in the past 30 years. 

7/23/07 Brazil: Hi, I’m the guy on the internet that doesn’t lose control of his bowels every time Terry Gilliam makes a movie. There are a lot of wonderful things to look at in this movie, as often is the case with Gilliam, but for me these don’t merge into a great film. It’s a movie I’ll probably never watch again and am perfectly fine with people feeling I’m a movie moron because I don’t see the bla bla bla. Gilliam has the ability to make great imagery for the movie screen but in my option he has a hard time pulling those imagers together into a well told story. 

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