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Thu, Sep. 4th, 2008, 05:53 pm
::tap tap:: this thing on?

SO I'm watching lots of films these days and the fact that Jon is making me get back on here again I figure if nothing else I can use it to post my  movie thoughts so lets get caught up. I’m going to go through my Netflix que and write about the movies I’ve watches since then.  The dates you see will be dates the DVD arrived.  I will first do actual DVDs then I'll go through the instant Que.  this is going to take awhile.  

1/17/07 Fargo:  Is about what I expected about the much hyped Coen movie, it was witty corky and fun.   The acting was top notch especially from Steve Buscemi and  William H Macy and Frances McDormand.  It is certainly one of the top Coen movies I would recommend to someone who has not seen their work.

1/25/07 The Muppet Movie:  Nicole had never seen this so we watched it.  To me it is still a classic and one of those movies I knew by heart as a child so it’s hard to take that out of me.  What can I say really it’s the muppet movie!

1/25/07 The Day The Earth Stood Still:  I was a little let down at the time with this one.  I was expecting more of a cheesey sci fi special effects movie and instead got a cold war political drama.  It is a fine film and I know many hold it near and dear to their hearts but to me it was just good not great.  Certainly looks better than the new Keanu Reeves version. 

1/25/07 Awakenings:  This was another one that Nicole had not seen.  I love this movie and think it is one of Robin Williams best.  If you don’t know it’s the true story of a doctor who in 1969 discovers beneficial effects of a new drug on catatonic patients he is in the care of.  It’s just a great small film where Deniro gets to shine but he doesn’t over take the movie.  He plays his part and he plays it well, the same goes for Williams.  If you haven’t seen it give it a try.

1/30/07 Beerfest:  It is what it is and if you like Super Troopers this is another home run for the lizards.  I think I actually liked this one better than Troopers as it is fun from start to finish.

1/30/07 Jackass Number Two:  Speaking of fun from start to finish…any movie where Bam Margera cries get’s my seal of approval.  This one took everything from the first movie and amped it up making this a fun spectacle all the way though.  I would be surprised if they ever do another as this would be hard to top without someone dying. 

2/05/07 A Scanner Darkly:  I did not enjoy this movie very much.  It was very well acted by Robert Downey Jr. but that’s about it.  I understand what he was trying to achieve but the film just was coldly made to me and felt very pedestrian.  I think Reeves is to blame for a lot of that. 

2/8/07 12 Angry Men (the Original):  If you have not seen these movies go rent it now.  I rented this because I just wanted to watch it again.  This is a classic I every sense of the word.  It really is a play and is filmed to feel real time as it goes along.  Every actor is excellent in their role epically Fonda who is at his best.  This is a flawless movie

2/13/07 Once Upon a Time in the West:  This MIGHT be my favorite sergio leone western but it’s a toss up with a movie I’ll get to soon enough.  Herny Fonda is bad as in this movie and it is about as gorgeous as a movie can get to look at.  The only complaint I could come up with is that it’s a little over long.  9.5/10

2/13/07 The Black Dahlia:  This is only a so so movie as most of the acting is iffy and the movie is a real mish mash of good and bad moments.  Overall it’s an easy to skip over but not terrible movie if you do decided to watch it.  It’s a thumbs right in the middle kind of movie.

2/20/07 The Professional:  I had never sat down and watched this one from start to finish.  It’s a really solid movie that I think has been a little too built up over the years but none the less it’s got Oldman doing what he is good at and Portman is really solid as well. 

2/20/07 Apocalypse now:  what can I say about this it’s Apocalypse Now.  Not then or soon but NOW.  This a movie any film lover should watch. 


More to come soon