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Wed, Jan. 10th, 2007, 11:21 am
Movie Mayhem

Movie Mayhem!

I think this will get me up to date on movies and since I'll be covering so many I'll keep it short.

Stranger than Fiction:

In this Will Ferrel dramady, an IRS agent begins hearing his life narrated by Emma Thompson, a novelist who is unknowingly writing Ferrel's life.  I went into this expecting it to be good however I didn't think it would be this good.  Everything about the movie works really well.  There is more style and depths than I expected.  Ferrel I think is going to be huge for a long time as he has the ability to do more weighty roles.  Yes there is plenty to laugh at in this movie but this is the kind of role say…an Adam Sandler or a lot of other comedic actors couldn't pull off. Everyone is great in the movie particularly Dustin Hoffman, but then again it's Dustin Hoffman so I probably didn't have to tell you that. 8.5/10

Kung Fu Hustle

I found Shaolin Soccer to be a pretty entertaining movie so I figured this would be similarly good.  Kung Fu hustle has a few less laughs and a little more meat to it than soccer did.  Writer/director/star Stephen Chow is a wannabe mobster in 1940s China who wants to be part of the Axe Gang.  That's actually not a very good description but we are keeping this short.  There is plenty to like here from the effects, characters and action are all good.  The movie certainly never gets dull and has a weird vibe to it that even when it gets slap-sticky you want to go with it.



No I had never seen Goodfellas ok?  For those who don't know this is the true story of Irish-Italian gangster Henry Hill.  This is everything people have made it out to be and is superior to the more trendy Scarface.  Something I did not realize is that everyone whose name is not Soprano in the Sopranos pretty much came from this movie.  As for the main characters Liotta is at his best as is Pesci who got an Oscar for best supporting actor.  Really all there is to say is if you haven't seen it go see it. 


United 93

Good and yet hard to watch all at the same time.  Everything here is just really well done.


Miami Vice

Yea the movie I over hyped I finally got around to seeing.  Basically this is good and not great.  I wanted 2 hours of what the trailer was and they had…maybe an hour of what the trailer was spread out over two.  This was not by any means a bad movie but simply not enough bang for the buck.  I didn't want the TV show on the big screen and they were smart not to go that route but what I was hoping for was a look and style that would be as radical now as that show as back then.  Mann did not bring much new to the table with this.  It's worth watching but consider me a little disappointed.



Set in Paris 2010 this action thriller sends a supercop and reformed vigilante into the most dangerous of areas in the city (district B13).This is a pretty entertaining but nothing more than a B movie with good action.  The stunt work is great but I don't know if this deserves the crossover hype that it has gotten.




What is suppose to be Jet Li's last action movie he plays real life martial artist Huo Yuanjia, a greatly skilled but also greatly egoed warrior.  Bad things happen to him, he cries, he learns, he loves and then he kicks some more ass.  I don't think it is as good as unleashed however he could have done far worse in picking a last action movie….such as the last action hero.  The whole rebuilding process seems to be cut a little short but other than that and maybe a little more action this is a good way to spend 2 hours.


Forbidden Planet

The 1956 sci fi classic, that to me isn't much of a classic, stars Leslie Nielsen as a starship captain.  Unfortunately he is not the captain of rock band starship.  He lands on paradise planet Altair-IV looking for the last crew that had landed there only finding one Dr. and his daughter.  The effects and design were great for their time and are the best thing about the film.  The plot is actually fine but there is no action really to speak of.  This is a very slow build that does not deliver all that much.  It's very well made and the robot is cool but the story is lacking.  Besides it's just wrong to see Nielsen not doing atleast something slapsticky .


Talladega Nights

I enjoyed this more than Anchorman personally.  Will and Reilly are great together and I hope Ferrell brings him back for the next big summer dumb Will Ferrell movie.  Sacha Cohen steals every scene he is in, especially in scenes with "life partner" Andy Ricter.  You really can't go wrong with a will Ferrell movie at this point.



American History X

I'm getting tired of these so will keep it brief.  Good movie but I didn't like it as much as many seem to.  Edward Furlong narrations are never a good thing and Norton turns into Mr. nice guy way to easily.  Still Norton is excellent as always and Avery Brooks ..is Avery Brooks so that's cool. 


Ong Bak

This is a weak story to show off Tony Jaa's impressive talents.  If you like watching his action stunts good because you get to see each and every one of them again in slow mo afterwards.  That got to be tiresome to me as I would have rather so more combinations of cool stuff instead of cool thing #1 slow mo cool thing #1 followed by cool thing #2.  Still the guy has talent and is fun to watch lets just hope he is given something a little more polished next time.


Running Scared

Holy Crap I like something with Paul Walker!  No this is not the Billy Crystal & Gregory Hines 80s comedy, its Paul Walker as a low level mob thug who is racing to find a gun used in murders before it is found by either the cops or his crime bosses.  This is one of those from a former music video director movies and it shows, but in a good way.  The movie is full of energy and style and it is really really dark too.  Great little movie but be prepared for where the movie takes you.


Crimson Tide

No I had never seen this one either.  Denzel and gene Hackman have a minor disagreement over a broken message about shooting a nuclear missile.  They politely listen to each others side of the story and though the both understand where the other is coming from the have to agree to disagree.  This is a solid little thriller but not a classic by any means.  I wondered how they filled two hours with this going into the movie and at times it lags but over all the performances and tension carry this to being a good flick