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Tue, Sep. 30th, 2008, 07:21 pm
More Movie Catchup Reviews

5/09/07 A Simple Plan: A good and solid film from Rami as he tries to go Hitchcock. He does a good job but it’s not the kind of movie I would revisit over and over. Billy Bob was still in his really good phase at this point.

5/17/07 The Hudsucker Proxy:   I have to admit I was not as in love with this one as I thought I might be. It’s a good movie to be sure and it has Paul Newman so that makes it worth watching if nothing else. Perhaps I was hoping for more Bruce Cambell. I think I prefer my Coehn’s a little darker than this. 

5/17/07 Waiting: Fuck Ryan Reynolds with his hunky good looks, strong comedic talent and his putting the stones to Scarlett Johansson on a nightly basis. Now that I got that out of my system, this is a very funny movie. I remember it not being as good as Van Wilder but it still makes for a fun evenings watch. Hi I’m a Mac is a good buddy for him to play off of while the effects sucking effects of Dane Cook are kept to a minimum. If you have ever worked in the restaurant business this movie will surely speak to you. 

5/22/07 Mr. Smith goes to Washington: Do I need to say anything about this it’s Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Stewart is always good but especially so here. There is all kinds of Capra goodness here and while the Mel Gibson/Homer Simpson version was awesome this is wonderful filmmaking about an everyman standing up to the machine. This is what Obama has been trying to convince everyone he is for the past two years. 

5/23/07 The Talented Mr. Ripley: To me this a good film with better performances. Something just does not fully come together for me. This might be another example of a movie I had heard about for so long not leaving up to expectations. Having said all this I need to make it clear that it is a good movie and one I would recommend you watch if you have not seen it before. To conclude Matt Damon is fucking creepy.

5/30/07 The Girl Next Door: I did not know what to expect going into this movie Roger Ebert gave it a very harsh review making it out to be a very mean spirited and terrible movie. I think he was way off as Elisha Cuthbert’s character is not as mean as he makes her out to be. She is a messed up girl but you would be too if you were a teenage porn star. The movie is funny Cuthbert is hot and really in the end it has a decent heart to it. Oh and Timothy Olphant is awesome as always. 

6/28/07: The Terminal: Not everything Speilberg has done in the past decade has been great but I like that he seems to be making films for himself or working against type when he is not. This movie is a sweet comedy that feels timeless like it could have been made in the fifties. It’s not the greatest movie ever made but Steven working with Hanks is simply fun to watch. 

7/09/07 Easy Rider: I guess because I’m not from the era and don’t give a shit about motorcycles that this movie did nothing for me except in the end I enjoyed seeing a couple hippies die. I’d advice only watching if your tripping.

7/11/07 Hero: Hero is a gorgeous movie to look at though the story tries too hard at being epic and thus fails. Still if you like Jet and these kinds of movies then it is one not to miss. The story is strong enough, the action is packed, the visuals are stunning and overall it’s well done.

7/12/07 The Gift: The gift is simple. It’s a b-level film that is turned into an A level thriller in the hands of a masterful hands of Sam Rami. It also has Katy Holmes boobs in it before she married nutso. 

7/12/07 Godzilla Final Wars: Oh how I embraced this movie and everything about it. Godzilla takes on everyone he ever has, including the US Godzilla, and that’s not all the action this movie provides. This movie gives us martial arts sword fights, space battles and just about every kind of action possible. Did I mention it has UFC fighter Don Frye doing a horrible job acting but being all the more badass for it? This is not a good movie but it’s a great movie!

7/17/07 Secretary:

7/23/07 Raging Bull: the first time I saw this I was underwhelmed and did not get the hype. As I watched more Scorsese films I felt it was worth giving another try. I’m so glad that I did. Perhaps I was expecting another Rocky but this is not a film to miss. If not his best it certainly is up there as a beautifully crafted tale about a man with great talent but an even greater flaw. Instead of the oftened used “talented athlete, writer, professional…whatever who throws it all away over substance abuse” this is the story of a man with the money the woman and everything he could want who throws it all away over jealousy, sexual insecurity and rage. This is simply one of the best movies in the past 30 years. 

7/23/07 Brazil: Hi, I’m the guy on the internet that doesn’t lose control of his bowels every time Terry Gilliam makes a movie. There are a lot of wonderful things to look at in this movie, as often is the case with Gilliam, but for me these don’t merge into a great film. It’s a movie I’ll probably never watch again and am perfectly fine with people feeling I’m a movie moron because I don’t see the bla bla bla. Gilliam has the ability to make great imagery for the movie screen but in my option he has a hard time pulling those imagers together into a well told story. 

Mon, Sep. 8th, 2008, 06:24 pm

3/20/07: A Fistful of Dollars: The Western version of Yojimbo is almost as good as the original and has Eastwood at his most bad assness. If you haven’t watched the Man with no name trilogy you should do it soon.
3/20/07 For a Few More Dollars: About as good as the original and has Van Cleef as a filthy villain.
3/21/07 Bad Boys: Fair, that’s really all I can muster to say about this movie.
3/22/07 The Good the Bad and the Ugly: Depending on what day it is this and Once Upon a time in the west trade off for my favorite Leone film.
3/22/07 Bad Boys II: I’ll be honest I really don’t remember watching the movie which I think says a lot about what I thought of it. Supposedly I watched it, supposedly I was somewhat entertained but either I was drunk or it didn’t stick with me. So we will go a little low on the score.
3/26/07: To Live and Die in L.A.: Michael Mann’s gritty nasty side this movie is totally 80’s and not 80’s all at the same time. There is a disturbing amount of male nudity in the movie but other than that it’s dark dirty and unrelenting. 
3/30/07 Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession: I love this documentary and if you enjoy movies you will be wishing this channel was still around. The documentary does a good job of showing the channel and the people behind it but also focuses on what matters most, the movies. I added a nice list of movies from this. 
4/09/07 South Park Bigger Longer Uncut: I know everyone loves it and it is a fun movie but when I finally saw it after all those years it didn’t live up to the hype and I feel things like Imaginationland actually make a better movie.
4/18/07 F for Fake: Orsen Welles documentary on a documentary on an art forger. To say this is a wacked out movie is an understatement. The frantic pace takes a little getting used to but I’m a welles whore and the subject matter is pretty fascinating. 
4/23/07 National Lampoon’s Van Wilder: Ryan Renolds is brilliant and this is the tale end of Tara Reids sex appeal to boot. Funny from start to finish and Ryan can mug for the camera like nobody’s business.
4/26/07 A Decade under the Influence:  Fair documentary on 70’s cinema but really just blows it’s own horn. It spends too much time saying how great all their interviewees movies are and not enough time on why.
5/03/07 Touch of Evil: More Orson Welles goodness here. This really is a classic even though Heston playing a Mexican ages the movie pretty bad. To his credit Heston pulls the part off pretty well.

Fri, Sep. 5th, 2008, 06:52 pm
Movie catchup Part two

I should mention these will get longer once I get more caught up.  Now back to our show:

2/20/07 Sunset Boulevard: I have to admit this one was a bit of a disappointment for me. It’s a good movie don’t get me wrong, but for as many best of lists as this movie is on I feel it has not aged all that well. For those who don’t know this is the Billy Wilder movie about a faded movie star who seduces an unsuccessful screenwriter into making her comeback. She thinks she is using him for her comeback and he is using her for money. Again it’s a good movie and if you just sit down and watch it without knowing anything you should enjoy it. If it has been over hyped for you as it was for me then you may be disappointed.

2/23/07 Downfall: What a wonderfully depressing movie! This depicts the last twelve days of Hitler in his Berlin bunker through the eyes of secretary Traudi Junge. This is about as depressing as a good movie can possibly get and yet it is a fascinating movie to watch. I also don’t buy the criticism that Hitler was made too venerable and sympathetic of a character. Yes he is a weak beaten down nub of a person here but I imagine that’s close to how. My feeling is he is where he is in this movie because of what he did leading up to the movie and thus he dug his own grave.

2/23/07 The Treasure of the Sierra Madre: I’m a Bogart mark so I’ve yet to see one I have not liked. This is a little different in that it’s not a noir film it’s set in the early 1900s and he is digging for gold. The movie is really about greed and that when all your looking for is money you will never find enough. This is one of Bogart’s better performances as he branches out from his usual awesomeness. 
2/27/07: Paths of Glory: If I have said it once I’ve said it a thousand times I’m just not that big of a Kubrick fan. Strangelove is probably the best in my option this one is dull and spent two hours to say that he doesn’t like authoritarian ignorance. Douglas is good and the film but that is about all it has going for it. 
2/27/07 M:  Fritz Lang’s first talkie and it’s an impressive one. Peter Lorre was so good here he had a hard time being seen as anything other than the creepy as child killer. Lang decided that if he was going to use sound he was going to see what he could do with it and to that end he made better use of it than most. If you haven’t seen this rent it.
3/01/07: Alien: The Ridley Scott classic has aged pretty well over the years and there really is not many scenes in this flick that have not become iconic. Scott set the stage for what has been ripped off so many times since and was basically the template for all 80’s space movies that didn’t rip of star wars. 
3/01/07 City of God: Here is another movie that is enjoyable enough but has been built up so high that I was pretty disappointed. The movie is an enjoyable foreign film and nothing more to me. It’s not a film you must see before you die or any of the other hype that has been heaped upon it. For those who don’t know this takes place in Rio De Janerio and over the course of two decades follows the life of a boy named Rocket who tries to pull himself out of the slums as a photographer. 
3/09/07 Aliens: Pure 80’s gold. Thought this movie does not age as well as the original it is one hell of a blast. Camron realizing he couldn’t repeat Ridley’s atmospheric horror he went for straight up big budget action and he did it in spades. Game over man indeed. If you haven’t seen this one but like the original make it a priority. 
3/09/07 The Best Years of Our Lives: I really really like this movie. I felt the film really shows the war is hell aspect of military life without coming off with some antiwar statement. Harold Russell is excellent as the soldier who lost his hands.
3/15/07 Alien 3: It’s kind of amazing how flawed a start Fincher’s movie career got off to. The director’s cut though unfinished is much better but still far from perfection. This is a movie I think someone either grew up on and has a fondness for or didn’t and sees it for the mess it is. I find it a fun-ish movie that I won’t watch very often if ever again. The documentary to accompany this is disappointing in that they backed off at the last minute and cut a lot of the good stuff supposedly. 

Thu, Sep. 4th, 2008, 05:53 pm
::tap tap:: this thing on?

SO I'm watching lots of films these days and the fact that Jon is making me get back on here again I figure if nothing else I can use it to post my  movie thoughts so lets get caught up. I’m going to go through my Netflix que and write about the movies I’ve watches since then.  The dates you see will be dates the DVD arrived.  I will first do actual DVDs then I'll go through the instant Que.  this is going to take awhile.  

1/17/07 Fargo:  Is about what I expected about the much hyped Coen movie, it was witty corky and fun.   The acting was top notch especially from Steve Buscemi and  William H Macy and Frances McDormand.  It is certainly one of the top Coen movies I would recommend to someone who has not seen their work.

1/25/07 The Muppet Movie:  Nicole had never seen this so we watched it.  To me it is still a classic and one of those movies I knew by heart as a child so it’s hard to take that out of me.  What can I say really it’s the muppet movie!

1/25/07 The Day The Earth Stood Still:  I was a little let down at the time with this one.  I was expecting more of a cheesey sci fi special effects movie and instead got a cold war political drama.  It is a fine film and I know many hold it near and dear to their hearts but to me it was just good not great.  Certainly looks better than the new Keanu Reeves version. 

1/25/07 Awakenings:  This was another one that Nicole had not seen.  I love this movie and think it is one of Robin Williams best.  If you don’t know it’s the true story of a doctor who in 1969 discovers beneficial effects of a new drug on catatonic patients he is in the care of.  It’s just a great small film where Deniro gets to shine but he doesn’t over take the movie.  He plays his part and he plays it well, the same goes for Williams.  If you haven’t seen it give it a try.

1/30/07 Beerfest:  It is what it is and if you like Super Troopers this is another home run for the lizards.  I think I actually liked this one better than Troopers as it is fun from start to finish.

1/30/07 Jackass Number Two:  Speaking of fun from start to finish…any movie where Bam Margera cries get’s my seal of approval.  This one took everything from the first movie and amped it up making this a fun spectacle all the way though.  I would be surprised if they ever do another as this would be hard to top without someone dying. 

2/05/07 A Scanner Darkly:  I did not enjoy this movie very much.  It was very well acted by Robert Downey Jr. but that’s about it.  I understand what he was trying to achieve but the film just was coldly made to me and felt very pedestrian.  I think Reeves is to blame for a lot of that. 

2/8/07 12 Angry Men (the Original):  If you have not seen these movies go rent it now.  I rented this because I just wanted to watch it again.  This is a classic I every sense of the word.  It really is a play and is filmed to feel real time as it goes along.  Every actor is excellent in their role epically Fonda who is at his best.  This is a flawless movie

2/13/07 Once Upon a Time in the West:  This MIGHT be my favorite sergio leone western but it’s a toss up with a movie I’ll get to soon enough.  Herny Fonda is bad as in this movie and it is about as gorgeous as a movie can get to look at.  The only complaint I could come up with is that it’s a little over long.  9.5/10

2/13/07 The Black Dahlia:  This is only a so so movie as most of the acting is iffy and the movie is a real mish mash of good and bad moments.  Overall it’s an easy to skip over but not terrible movie if you do decided to watch it.  It’s a thumbs right in the middle kind of movie.

2/20/07 The Professional:  I had never sat down and watched this one from start to finish.  It’s a really solid movie that I think has been a little too built up over the years but none the less it’s got Oldman doing what he is good at and Portman is really solid as well. 

2/20/07 Apocalypse now:  what can I say about this it’s Apocalypse Now.  Not then or soon but NOW.  This a movie any film lover should watch. 


More to come soon

Wed, Jan. 10th, 2007, 11:26 am

 I just actually got on here  and realize noone updates anymore except for Jon..and scott keith entries being shipped over here from his blog....

Wed, Jan. 10th, 2007, 11:22 am
Hey an update....sorta

'll try and update about the holidays in awhile.  I'm also going to be posting UFC stuff as I'm going to do short reviews starting with UFC 1 through….what ever I get bored with.

Things are going alright with me I got new glasses and contacts.  Classes start next Tuesday so that will be fun and beyond that I'm just enjoying guitar hero 2.

Wed, Jan. 10th, 2007, 11:21 am
Movie Mayhem

Movie Mayhem!

I think this will get me up to date on movies and since I'll be covering so many I'll keep it short.

Stranger than Fiction:

In this Will Ferrel dramady, an IRS agent begins hearing his life narrated by Emma Thompson, a novelist who is unknowingly writing Ferrel's life.  I went into this expecting it to be good however I didn't think it would be this good.  Everything about the movie works really well.  There is more style and depths than I expected.  Ferrel I think is going to be huge for a long time as he has the ability to do more weighty roles.  Yes there is plenty to laugh at in this movie but this is the kind of role say…an Adam Sandler or a lot of other comedic actors couldn't pull off. Everyone is great in the movie particularly Dustin Hoffman, but then again it's Dustin Hoffman so I probably didn't have to tell you that. 8.5/10

Kung Fu Hustle

I found Shaolin Soccer to be a pretty entertaining movie so I figured this would be similarly good.  Kung Fu hustle has a few less laughs and a little more meat to it than soccer did.  Writer/director/star Stephen Chow is a wannabe mobster in 1940s China who wants to be part of the Axe Gang.  That's actually not a very good description but we are keeping this short.  There is plenty to like here from the effects, characters and action are all good.  The movie certainly never gets dull and has a weird vibe to it that even when it gets slap-sticky you want to go with it.



No I had never seen Goodfellas ok?  For those who don't know this is the true story of Irish-Italian gangster Henry Hill.  This is everything people have made it out to be and is superior to the more trendy Scarface.  Something I did not realize is that everyone whose name is not Soprano in the Sopranos pretty much came from this movie.  As for the main characters Liotta is at his best as is Pesci who got an Oscar for best supporting actor.  Really all there is to say is if you haven't seen it go see it. 


United 93

Good and yet hard to watch all at the same time.  Everything here is just really well done.


Miami Vice

Yea the movie I over hyped I finally got around to seeing.  Basically this is good and not great.  I wanted 2 hours of what the trailer was and they had…maybe an hour of what the trailer was spread out over two.  This was not by any means a bad movie but simply not enough bang for the buck.  I didn't want the TV show on the big screen and they were smart not to go that route but what I was hoping for was a look and style that would be as radical now as that show as back then.  Mann did not bring much new to the table with this.  It's worth watching but consider me a little disappointed.



Set in Paris 2010 this action thriller sends a supercop and reformed vigilante into the most dangerous of areas in the city (district B13).This is a pretty entertaining but nothing more than a B movie with good action.  The stunt work is great but I don't know if this deserves the crossover hype that it has gotten.




What is suppose to be Jet Li's last action movie he plays real life martial artist Huo Yuanjia, a greatly skilled but also greatly egoed warrior.  Bad things happen to him, he cries, he learns, he loves and then he kicks some more ass.  I don't think it is as good as unleashed however he could have done far worse in picking a last action movie….such as the last action hero.  The whole rebuilding process seems to be cut a little short but other than that and maybe a little more action this is a good way to spend 2 hours.


Forbidden Planet

The 1956 sci fi classic, that to me isn't much of a classic, stars Leslie Nielsen as a starship captain.  Unfortunately he is not the captain of rock band starship.  He lands on paradise planet Altair-IV looking for the last crew that had landed there only finding one Dr. and his daughter.  The effects and design were great for their time and are the best thing about the film.  The plot is actually fine but there is no action really to speak of.  This is a very slow build that does not deliver all that much.  It's very well made and the robot is cool but the story is lacking.  Besides it's just wrong to see Nielsen not doing atleast something slapsticky .


Talladega Nights

I enjoyed this more than Anchorman personally.  Will and Reilly are great together and I hope Ferrell brings him back for the next big summer dumb Will Ferrell movie.  Sacha Cohen steals every scene he is in, especially in scenes with "life partner" Andy Ricter.  You really can't go wrong with a will Ferrell movie at this point.



American History X

I'm getting tired of these so will keep it brief.  Good movie but I didn't like it as much as many seem to.  Edward Furlong narrations are never a good thing and Norton turns into Mr. nice guy way to easily.  Still Norton is excellent as always and Avery Brooks ..is Avery Brooks so that's cool. 


Ong Bak

This is a weak story to show off Tony Jaa's impressive talents.  If you like watching his action stunts good because you get to see each and every one of them again in slow mo afterwards.  That got to be tiresome to me as I would have rather so more combinations of cool stuff instead of cool thing #1 slow mo cool thing #1 followed by cool thing #2.  Still the guy has talent and is fun to watch lets just hope he is given something a little more polished next time.


Running Scared

Holy Crap I like something with Paul Walker!  No this is not the Billy Crystal & Gregory Hines 80s comedy, its Paul Walker as a low level mob thug who is racing to find a gun used in murders before it is found by either the cops or his crime bosses.  This is one of those from a former music video director movies and it shows, but in a good way.  The movie is full of energy and style and it is really really dark too.  Great little movie but be prepared for where the movie takes you.


Crimson Tide

No I had never seen this one either.  Denzel and gene Hackman have a minor disagreement over a broken message about shooting a nuclear missile.  They politely listen to each others side of the story and though the both understand where the other is coming from the have to agree to disagree.  This is a solid little thriller but not a classic by any means.  I wondered how they filled two hours with this going into the movie and at times it lags but over all the performances and tension carry this to being a good flick


Thu, Dec. 7th, 2006, 11:38 pm
Yea...I know

I haven't kept up on it..screw it.  So Today sucked as much as suck can suck..First day of finals and more importantly my first night of finals. 

So stuff went on and there were some problems but it wasn’t till it was…JUST ME.  Well and Nikos but this was his first time too.  This went time till the end of finals when it hit the fan.  I dealt with…I think 11 problems that all came to me with in a 15 minute period..an hour later I was done.  It just sucked.


Beyond that I have been downloading a lot of wrestling.  Last weekend was fun till Nicole and I got sick.  We had fun at David and Susan’s for Card playing and tacos.  Cards was fun..Tacos hurt me for the next 10 hours.


Wed.  I worked a half day since I work Saturday and it was nice to spend more of the day with Nicole.


At the moment I don’t wish to think back on more of what happened the past couple of weeks.


Movies…Watched East of Eden last night.  It’s a good movie for what it is howevYavor.er its pretty dated and production wise is pretty bad.  Audio wise the dubbing is pretty bad.  This was my first James Dean movie.  It’s hard to say if I like him or not because he was playing a pretty weird character so I need to see him in something else to decide.  I’ll give the movie a 6/10  for the time.


I’m going to be reviewing the top 100 matches according to Pro wrestling torrents.  You can check my reviews out over at yavor



Wed, Nov. 22nd, 2006, 09:36 am
Movie Time

So since I'm suppose to be keeping up on this better let me get some brief movie thoughts out of the way. 


Reanimator:  Never saw this before and was pleasantly surprised.  Yes there is a chunk of cheese in it but overall good little 80s horror flick.  I'll give it a 7/10


Beatles Anthology:  Well if you're a beatles fan this certainly is worth it however I was a little disappointed watching it again for the first time in years on how much performance video there was and how little making of the albums the focused on.  Overall it's a good production but they really skim over some things especially towards the end where they don't bring up the long and winding road being the final straw for Paul and Phil Spector is never even brought up.  However it is like 10 hours of the beatles by the beatles so it's a good watch.  8/10


Two of us:

I forget if I already talked about this one.  I liked it.  For those who don't know this is the what if story of Paul going to see John in New York back in 76.  I felt both characters were played pretty well (thought I think they made John a little more fragile than reality but who knows.  I'm sure plenty of people dislike this but if your like me and would like two see the two of them together again this is fun.  They hint at a reunion towards the end and though I knew this didn't happen I was cheering for it so, while I'm sure some hate…I enjoyed this.



Casino Royale:  Great movie.  If this is how Bond is going to be during the Craig era sign me up.   Though a little long the acting is stronger, the action is great and hard hitting and the comedy is …actual comedy as opposed to one liners. 

This is up with the best of the Bond movies.  9/10

House of sand and fog:
Just finished it...wow...depressing is one way to put it.  There were great performacesbut..it's not fun to watch at all and not even in the cool but hard to watch way that Conolly's other depressfest Requiem for a Dream was.  The moral to this movie.  DON'T BUY A HOUSE FROM AUCTION. 

Mon, Nov. 20th, 2006, 06:07 pm
hey yo

hey yo

So I'm going to start using this again and try and atleast get a little something up everyday.
Also through torrents I'm going to try and get back into wrestling so expect wrestling thoughts again.

this weekend was fun, Nicole and I hit up some winery's yesterday and then had dinner at caraba's with adam and amanda.
Saturday we saw bond did some shopping and..thats most of it actually.
Friday night we watched Top Gun with a Riff Trac and it was fantastic.

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